The words above, which long lived
on a scrap of paper in my father's wallet,
     hold wisdom for an approach to life.

     I offer them as gift and a wish to all,
             especially coaching clients.

I would be happy to speak with you about how professional coaching might serve you in whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

You are on an ADVENTURE that is your unfolding life path!  Coaching respects the uniqueness of your adventure and partners with you.  I will believe and hope with you, while encouraging awareness, practices and strategies.

Coaching is a lab to try out new paths, new actions, new thinking... and to find the secret to your own motivation and enthusiasm for change.

          All the best on your adventure! 
                      I hope we meet!

In-Spirited Coaching
                               Skilled Accompaniment

           - with Joanne M. Cahoon, DMin, CPC, ACC


Believing In You, Believing For You, Believing With You

In-Spirited Coaching
serves those who seek change.  Provided by Joanne M. Cahoon, DMin, CPC, ACC

Take a break and a breath.  Think.  How is life these days? 

If you are:

  • Desiring movement or growth
  • Exploring the future, and wanting something more
  • Feeling stalled or stuck
  • Wishing you could re-boot
  • Seeking energy for personal or professional goals
  • Don't know how to get there from here
  • Navigating transitions
  • Entering a new place in life or work
  • In search of perspective and support for lasting action
  • Getting lost in your thoughts, familiar strategies, and repeated themes - and waking up to find yourself in the same place, which is not where you want to be
  • Ready for something new


How will you address these needs and desires?  Professional coaching is a viable strategy!

As a professional coach, I've celebrated with individuals who not only felt empowered but took practical steps which produced change. 

Most of us have a complicated relationship with change.  We may know exactly what we desire, and yet be a bit afraid of it, or have impoverished hope that something can shift. 

Coaching clients take action, and let the action tutor them, while they experience structures of support and invitation as well as accountability from their coach. 

                Whatever you can do, or dream,
                             you can begin it.
                         Boldness has genius,
                        power and magic in it.

                                                                            - Goethe


    Professional coaching is an interactive process
           that helps individuals and organizations
                   improve their performances
              and achieve extraordinary results. 
            As a result of professional coaching,
        clients set better goals, take more action,
                         make better decisions,
           and more fully use their natural strengths.
                                       - International Coach Federation

Coaching respects the individual's choices and strengths, and provides a holding environment where data can dwell, be in conversation, and come to new outcomes.  Coaching can deepen awareness, offer perspectives and strategies, test directions, provide support, set up agreed upon accountability and feedback loops, and assess results to help an individual make adjustments. 

And coaching is creative, and curious about how things work for you. It wonders what would happen if... and is filled not only with strategy, but frequently with enthusiasm and laughter. 

So... Take Bold Steps Forward with Audacious Hope!

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